Edge Collective

P2P / DIY Server

Repo is here.

A useful associted 'PUT' script is here

ESP32 --> Server

Adding headers to esp32 explanation here

Making a PUT request here.

Using ArduinoJSON with HTTPClient here.

Creating nested json objects in ArduinoJSON here.

Work Log

21 OCT 2020

Fixed sqlite3 missing module.

Got an ESP32 to post data via JSON, here.

23 OCT 2020

Trying to use this fastify basic auth module as part of the codebase.

... implemented!

24 OCT 2020

Some next steps:

25 OCT 2020

Making a python PUT script.

Reference on python requests here.

Setting the authorization header in curl here.

Issue: when using basic auth in current basicAuth branch, it is putting the username password authentication method on top of every request -- need to do it just for the home page.

Guide to using basic auth here.

Combining fastify static with fastify basic auth here.

Using multiple authentication options with fastify here

addhook onresponse by route here

fastify and mongodb here

Might just need to find a way to serve up web page from directly in fastify, using basicAuthFix branch

Nice getting started with fastify document.

Currently the action is in 'main.js' ...

Looks like there is a way to addHook to specific routes here

latest idea: keep basicAuth branch as-is, but use multiple authentication methods in 'PUT' script

'ctrl shift i' will insert timestamp in VS Code given installation of an extension here

Adding multiple authorization headers via postman here

Combining multiple authorizations via curl here

Setting multiple headers in curl -- useful! -- here


  1. can't use multiple authorization schemes, in particular not if one of them is Basic Auth
  2. not sure how to combine basic auth with fastify-static

interesting angle mentioned in "Transform response of fastify-static served files", which led to fastify point-of-view templates idea.

Ah -- I think I've got it working with the basicAuth branch, now!

2020-11-29 08:51:40

Adding authentication to NodeJS, here

Using Auth0 and Fastify here -- ah, blocked --

But there's a repo, here.

2020-11-29 16:43:16

Jupyter dashboard via voila -- gallery of examples

gesis notebooks, here

guide to voila, here

Dashboarding options in Jupyter discussed here

User authentication with nodejs and passport here

Rolling your own authentication, here.

React and Auth0 ...