Edge Collective

Crate Cart

Designing a DIY farm cart.


Design requirements:

Initial Design

Carrying area of planned 'crate cart' is 44" x 54".

Design notes / ideas:

Footprint on cart of two typical crates used on small farms. Top (a): 24" x 20" x 11" Ventilated Container; and bottom, (b): 23" x 7" x 15" Nursery Crate
Version 6
Comparison of dimensions of 'Vermont' garden cart vs 'Version 6' of the crate cart.

Tue Jan 16 10:20:25 PM EST 2024


Budget for version 6 of cart is in a Google Sheet here

Wed Jan 17 10:21:41 PM EST 2024

Initial prototype:

Tue Jan 23 06:23:23 PM EST 2024

Notes on initial prototype:

Fri Mar 8 09:06:28 PM EST 2024

Going to revert to drilling for the cratecart; farmers are capable of it, greatly reduces the cost; and less dependent on particular supply chain around ubolts.

Need to depict the dimensions.

The design of the u-bolt. The process. Show openscad, show sendcutsend.

The screws that are good for

guide to emt bending