Edge Collective

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Edge Collective promotes technological sovereignty for communities living at ‘the edge’, including vulnerable cities, rural townships, farming communities, and islands.

Edge Collective strives to use science and technology in cooperative ways in order to enhance well-being, freedom, and solidarity.

We facilitate and produce workshops, trainings, and free and open source technologies with the goal of building locally-owned, resilient municipal and community infrastructure -- using a friendly and collaborative design process.

Recent projects include:

All of our designs and code are freely available online, following the principles of commons-based peer production.

If you'd like to collaborate on a project, or to arrange for a workshop, please contact us:

Research Projects

Nebraska -- Soil Moisture Monitoring

Baseline soil measurements around tree planting sites, using wifi, LoRa, and the cellular network.

Updated: 2019-07-24

Colorado -- Soil Moisture Monitoring

Caputuring data from SDI-12 Soil Moisture sensors, using a DIY LoRa network.

Updated: 2020-03-21