Edge Collective

Climate-adaptive infrastructure for communities living at ‘the edge' -- including rural and off-grid farms, urban areas vulnerable to flooding, and island communities.

We'd love to hear from you! You can reach us at: collaborate @ edgecollective.io

Who we are ...

We're a distributed R&D, teaching, and training cooperative working to help individuals and communities increase the capacity of their vital food, water, energy, and communications infrastructure to adapt to changing environmental conditions.

More broadly, our work aims to enhance local technological sovereignty (autonomy, control) while also promoting global technological solidarity (collaboration, mutual aid).

What we do ...

We work to accomplish our mission by:

Recently we've been focused on:

Designs, Projects, Workshops, Software, Hardware ...

You can find all of our code and hardware designs online here. (Not all of it is very well-documented -- sorry, we're working on it :))

Let's Work Together!

We are dedicated to creating opportunities for developing and sharing useful knowledge & helping others to do the same. We'd love to hear from you!

Notes on Current Projects:

Soil Monitoring System in Mead, Nebraska (USA)

Developing a system for capturing soil moisture measurements from a remote field site, using wifi, LoRa, and cellular communications.

Updated: 2019-07-24

Soil Monitoring System in Olathe, Colorado (USA)

Developing a Free and Open Source LoRa-based system (softwarre, hardware); prototyping a remote node for caputring relaying data from an SDI-12 - based soil moisture sensor.

Updated: 2020-05-10

Soil and Greenhouse Monitoring in Odiáxere, Faro District (Portugal)

Prototyping a LoRa- and wifi-based system for Soil moisture and temperature, as well as ambient temperature humidty and soil temperture inside a greenhouse.

Updated: 2020-05-08

Flood Sensing in New Orleans, Louisiana (USA)

Collaborating on the FloodSense project with NOLAFlotilla.

Updated: 2020-05-11

Greenhouse Monitoring at Wolfe's Neck Farm in Freeport, Maine (USA).

Setting up a LoRa- and WiFi- based greenhouse monitoring system.

Updated: 2020-05-11

Stewarding Technological Freedom in Agriculture

Video of talk presented at the LibrePlanet2020 conference by Mike Stenta, Jamie Gaehring, and Don Blair

Updated: 2020-04-14

FarmOS -- Creating a New Sensor Feed

Creating a new sensor feed on FarmOS.

Updated: 2020-04-23

Local First Lora Networks

Developing a design for a 'local first' approach to farm networking.

Updated: 2020-05-01

Simple Circuitpython LoRa Demo

Simple Circuipython LoRa radio send & receive demo.

Updated: 2020-05-11

Using Circuitpython to send data to FarmOS

Connecting a Circuitpython sensor to FarmOS, using a 'remote node' + 'single-channel gateway' approach. Specific example uses an Adafruit ItsyBitsy M4, Adafruit LoRa Breakout, and Adafruit Airlift Breakout

Updated: 2020-05-15

Edge Collective logo is based on Mike Bostock's 'Radial Dendrogram' visualization.