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Greenhouse Monitoring at Wolfe's Neck Farm in Freeport, Maine (USA)

Setting up an "off-grid" greenhouse monitoring system.

Super fancy Relay prototype

Repository for the relay prototype is here. Some pictures:

Diana's version

WNF Visit July 07 2020

Photo Album

Temp differences
Mini-greenhouse. Placed one of the external probes next to the relay node -- very large temp difference -- indicating that the enclosure is acting like a mini-greenhouse on the BME280 sensor inside the enclosure ... and that we should only use external temp and humidity sensors from now on.

Humidity Testing

Reference for cross-comparison among similar sensors here.

Exp 1. A: DHT22 #1; B: DHT22 #2.
Exp 2. A: DHT22 #3; B: DHT22 #2.
Exp 3. A: DHT22 #4; B: DHT22 #2.
Exp 4. A: DHT22 #4; B: DHT22 #3.

Salt test

Using a trick for calibrating a hygrometer, following the method described here and here. For NaCl at room temp, we expect 75% RH.

Exp 5. Overnight table salt test. For NaCl at room temp, we expect 75% RH. Note that around 7 AM there was a sudden temp fluctuation, likely due to some direct sunlight on the system (sitting near a window).