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Quahog Debug

Revising the Quahog ESP32 + LoRa circuit

fixing the bootloader

ESP32 boot mode selection

Upshot -- for hog32a version:

Once these are done, the board will enter the bootloader automatically.

flashing using esptool

Looks like we need to convert the .elf file to a binary image ...

See the guide to esptool

For esp32, elf2image produces a single output binary "image file". By default this has the same name as the .elf file, with a .bin extension. ie:

    esptool.py --chip esp32 elf2image my_esp32_app.elf

In the above example, the output image file would be called my_esp32_app.bin.

Actually, checking just now -- platformio generates a 'bin' file directly, so no worries.

need to upload the partitions, too? See this issue

arduino esp32 partitions scheme

Setting up Heltec ESP32 on Arduino

What is working

If I first erase the chip using:

python esptool.py --chip esp32 erase_flash

And then use 'adafruit esp32 feather' in the board setup in arduino ide, it seems to just work. Not sure if I needed simply to erase the flash beforehand.

Button on Meshtastic

I was getting 'button press functionality' when running Meshtastic on the Quahog. I needed to change the quahog Mestastic-device code so that the 'button' was no longer GPIO 0 (default), but GPIO 19 (other pins may also work for this). This corresponds to 'release/latest/quahog_firmware_v3.bin' in Meshtastic-device-quahog on github.

Rationale for Quahog

'Off-grid wifi gateway' ... is this useful?

I guess if you want the Quahog up on a pole ... up to 100 feet away from the wifi gateway... then it can be powered by 12V ... so that might be useful in some circumstances ...

2021-04-08 13:48:00

Quahog reboot

Feather S2

test the current consumption

esp32-s2 https://www.adafruit.com/product/4775

eagle cad files on github https://github.com/adafruit/Adafruit-Metro-ESP32-S2-PCB


moteino schematic files https://lowpowerlab.com/guide/moteino/design-files/

mothbot https://github.com/edgecollective/mothbot/blob/main/ver4B/hardware/dippy.pdf

feather s2


spi cs io33 rst io38 int -- ? need to test out w/ arduino ...