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Marsh Storage Field Deployment

Installation of water sensor at Marsh Storage site.

Sun Oct 15 09:32:45 PM EDT 2023


Sat Oct 21 09:27:52 PM EDT 2023

Marsh Storage tank statistics:


Mon Oct 23 09:54:12 AM EDT 2023

Added to interface:

Question: how far away from the side of the tank can we operate?

Current version of sensor: MB7389-100

Datasheet: https://maxbotix.com/pages/hrxl-maxsonar-wr-datasheet

Reading maxbotix beam patterns: https://maxbotix.com/blogs/blog/reading-beam-patterns?utm_term=&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&gclid=CjwKCAjws9ipBhB1EiwAccEi1E-_WkFc-PF6I5SCgpzVYS_pqXphUPzEGTQnkPg3XyyzFECGFfqaghoCMeMQAvD_BwE

Guidelines for tank installation: https://www.maxbotix.com/articles/tank-level-monitoring-ultrasonic-sensors.htm

Tue Oct 24 07:21:18 PM EDT 2023

Reply from maxbotix on mounting sensor inside a tank:

  1. https://sforce.co/2XhKl2z

  2. https://sforce.co/2zdOJrq

Latter illustration suggests that we should mount the sensor 2' to 3' away from side wall if possible

Also: tank drop down to 8%:

Thu Oct 26 12:40:32 PM EDT 2023

How things are mounted at Marsh storage:

Setting for mounting at Twin Towers; distance from storage to the tower (where transmitter might go) is 13':

Marsh storage starting to refill


Wed Nov 8 06:37:38 PM EST 2023

Seems like perhaps the sensor has been affected by condensate ...

Some symptoms:

Going to prototype using GPS and timer chip to send messages as close to 5 AM and a particular time in the evening as possible

Fri Nov 10 02:35:43 PM EST 2023

Self-cleaning maxbotix sensors: https://maxbotix.com/collections/scxl-maxsonar-wr-products

Datasheet for the self-cleaning series: https://maxbotix.com/pages/scxl-maxsonar-wr-datasheet

Nanostation extending wifi network https://community.ui.com/questions/Configuring-the-NanoStation-M5-to-extend-an-existing-wifi-network/3cf2b7d6-29a2-44a1-97f3-ffd673cb3d57

nanonstation repeater mode

'ap repeater'

or rather, as 'client' https://community.ui.com/questions/How-i-can-setup-my-nanostation-m5-as-a-receiver/9bfe796c-5ab1-4aaf-9ce1-3d012c8cd61f

update: nanostation m5 works on the 5 GHz band ...

manual: https://dl.ubnt.com/guides/NanoStation_M/NanoStation_M_Loco_M_QSG.pdf

claims: go to 'wireless' link and set it to 'station'


in the above document, chapter 4 (p 23) 'wireless' -- use 'station' mode

Fri Nov 10 05:29:03 PM EST 2023

Ojo Feliz Ranch weather last 30 days: https://www.localconditions.com/weather-ojo-feliz-new-mexico/87735/past.php

Fri Nov 24 08:45:19 PM EST 2023

Self-cleaning sensors: https://maxbotix.com/products/mb7569

Datasheet: https://maxbotix.com/pages/scxl-maxsonar-wr-datasheet